Furious mothers online: about bottlefeeding, breastfeeding and throwing mud:(

Furious mothers online: about bottlefeeding, breastfeeding and throwing mud:(


We often surf on other blogs related to motherhood. We draw inspiration from other entries, join in discussions, learn from other women. Unfortunately, we often come across texts that are only in theory FOR WOMEN. Sadly they are actually AGAINST THEM …

We live in a reality with no room for imperfections, almost everyone wants to be a role model, often ignoring people who don’t want to be perfect at all. We only accept our own image of the world and we take away the right to decide about themselves from others. We don’t pay attention to others, unless there is an opportunity for “emotional vomit”  in a burning discussion under a blog post. Then we find a victim,  someone to bristle with rage at, build up our ego by presenting ourselves as a better human model. Unfortunately, this problem mainly concerns mothers, especially now – in times of never-ending discussions on internet forums. “Perfect mothers” who (without blinking an eye) criticize other mothers: one for having children by C-section; the second one for feeding the baby with milk from the bottle; the third one for returning to work instead of staying with the child at home; and for many other behaviors or decisions which, after all, are holy right of each of us! Why are there so many venoms in women? Shouldn’t we instead stick together!? Why do we assume that other women need this  barrage of scriticism from us?! Why shoot tongues and  impose that breastfeeding mothers are in any way better than others?! Why undervalue “bottle mothers”, suggesting they have “little to do” around their babies? Why repeat over and over again how the child is dependent to the (breastfeeding) mother, and how those mothers are slaves of their children, and how those mothers are holy martyrs, and bottle-feeding mothers aren’t (or the other way round)?! Can’t we simply share our experience instead of bargaining which one of us cares more for our children?!
Why are women so rarely able to talk to each other without making accusations? Why is it so difficult for us to accept FREEDOM and individual choices of each of us? We often don’t know the realities of the other side, and yet we must put our proverbial “pennies” into the basket of hate against another mother who dared to choose a different model of motherhood from us.
Girls! We all know that each of us is the queen of her home, but outside there is enough room in the world for each of us! We don’t need to EXCLUDE each other, we can simply show SUPPORT 😉

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